Adapting Minds for organizations
Improving work performance

We provide several strategies to facilitate health and work performance. Firstly, using quick and easy to implement tools from science, we can assess whether and where there are elevated levels of stress in the organization. Secondly, if work-related stress is elevated, we can identify the most plausible causes of these elevations. Based on the analyses, we can implement a tailor made strategy to reduce these bottlenecks. Lastly, we provide several solutions to prevent stress and enhance employees' potential to adapt to the challenges of ever changing dynamics in organizations. Depending on the exact demands of the organization, all of our courses/trainings can be attended online via our digital Learning Management System.

Adapting Minds for individuals
Improving the potential to adapt

In our ever changing environment we face many challenges that require quick and flexible adaptation. Adapting Minds can assist you in becoming more stress resilient (less affected by the day to day challenges). Furthermore, we provide several courses that are focused on enhancing effective approaches to specific challenges. For example, we offer courses on stress-management, time-management, cultural awareness etc. Most of our courses are online, and are implemented in the Learning Management System of Adapting Minds. There is no waiting list, you can order the respective course and attend the course within 24h. 

Some notable organizations we worked with/for