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Contributing to the health of individuals and organizations. This is achieved by providing evidence-based reliable and innovative services. Adapting Minds acts in accordance with Social Corporate Responsibility.


Individuals, organizations and on a larger scale societies, are not static but are continuously changing. Efficient and effective continuous adaptation to our changing environment is not only important, but a necessity. We offer several solutions to help individuals and organizations increase their adaptive potential. Our methods are based on scientific studies and are easy to implement. Importantly, we continuously innovate and translate findings from current scientific studies into novel products or updated methods. This is why we can assist you in the ever changing environment.


Our strategies to enhance adaptive potential are derived from scientific studies, and hence, are evidence-based. Not only do we offer high-quality products, but our methods are also practical and easy to implement. Lastly, we take responsibility for our services and continuously monitor and evaluate the quality of our services in the ever changing environment. What worked and what can we improve? In a related vein, we also perform academic research on stress management. 

Alexander Logemann, PhD

CEO Adapting Minds and Senior Research Fellow at ELTE University

Zsofia Logemann, MSc

Co-founder and psychologist / trainer

Adapting Minds

Providing you with scientific tools to enhance your adaptive potential!


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