What can we do for you?

We provide several services to empower you to deal with challenges:


This course provides you with skills to effectively deal with everyday stressors and how to manage stress. Frequent causal factors of stress are addressed, and we focus on how you can deal with stress in an optimal way. Furthermore, we focus on elements that enhance flexibility/adaptability and stress resilience.


Culture shapes perceptions and communication. Cultural differences can sometimes cause misunderstandings and reduced work performance. Our course will help to gain insight into cultural diversity and how culture shapes perceptions and communication. The course reinforces intercultural sensitivity and provides you with practical skills that can be applied to work practice.


Basic health behaviours are often overlooked, but are crucial in relation to maintaining the potential to adapt to everyday challenges. In this course you will learn skills to change unhealthy behaviours. The main focus will be on changing unhealthy sleep- and diet patterns and on promoting physical activity.