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We have several solutions to optimize work performance:


The model has a scientific basis (evidence-based) and consists of three steps. Step 1 consists of the assessment of stress. A digital validated and reliable anonymous questionnaire is filled out by your employees. The resulting dataset is also anonymous. By applying statistical methods/analyses, we can identify the level of work-related stress, where stress is located, and the cause(s) of stress. Step 2 consists of the intervention phase. Based on the results of the stress assessment, we discuss the specific strategy to optimize performance. Step 3 consists of the evaluation. Here we repeat step 1, the stress assessment, and estimate the effect of the implemented program. This estimated effect will be reported back to you, so that you will have a clear view on how effective your investment has been.

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Adapting Minds provides several specific services, for example:


If you only want to have a clear view on the level of stress your employees experience at work, and if you want to know what sources of stress are present in your organization, then you may want to consider our stress assessment service. This service is step 1 in the model of our ISTEP approach. This service is very swift and practical since the entire assessment as well as the analysis is computerized. 


We offer courses for supervisors and for employees on how to effectively deal with everyday stressors and how we can effectively manage stress. Frequent causal factors of stress are addressed, and we focus on how employees can deal with stress in an optimal way. Furthermore, we focus on elements that enhance flexibility/adaptability and stress resilience.


Culture shapes perceptions and communication. Cultural differences can sometimes cause misunderstandings and reduced work performance. Our course will help to gain insight into cultural diversity and how culture shapes perceptions and communication. The course reinforces intercultural sensitivity and provides you with practical skills that can be applied to work practice.


Time management, mindfulness, leadership/management training, communication skill training, assertiveness training, conflict resolution training etc.

In addition to the standard courses, we can also provide courses tailored to your specific needs

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